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October 5, 2007

Are These Diabetes Myths Keeping You Down

Meet Prevention"s Diabetes Myth Busters, and start Feeling better today***MYTH:"People with diabetes have to learn to live with a sugar-free diet." Diabetes Myth Buster # 2: A certified diabetes educator in Seattle is quick to set the record straight. Small amounts of sugar worked into a balanced meal plan ae acceptable, she says, Our Prevention editors worked side by side with a registered dietitian to create a 28-day meal plan to help you reduce your blood sugar using real ingredients like sugar, honey, maple syrup, potatoes, even chocolate. In Prevention's Diabetes Diet Cookbook, you see how to use the ingredients for maxium flavor to create meals and desserts the whole family will enjoy. MYTH: "Now that my blood sugar is high, I'll be on meds the rest of my life." Diabetes Myths Buster # 3: A study at a major U.S. research hospital showed that adding fiber to meals can cut blood glucose levels as effectively as some expensive diabetes meds. The recipes and 28-day meal plan in Prevention's Diabetes Diet Cookbook help you meet the new dietary fiber guidelines for people with diabetes.

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