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September 16, 2007

Dogcents helping a Needy Cause

Friends: this is a review written at the Insanewriters blog that I wanted to make sure everyone who visits here reads.
If you haven't been by Lily Ruth's Dogcents Blog, you should.

Now at first glance the page looks a little disorganized, but don't let that fool you. In the heart of this blog Lily Ruth shares with us her love for dogs and her great cause. A good example of her reason for DogCents is her post titled, "Why DO I Bother?" In it she talks about why she posts dog news, photos and jokes.

There are many really good articles that she shares with us about dogs. Some are disturbing as far as owners who abuse dogs and some are heartbreaking like the article about Ellie Lawrenson and her grandmother's responsibility in her death.

Dogcents isn't just about the articles, jokes and photos, however. As I said, there is a purpose... a cause behind this unique blog. If you donate $2.00 to help feed, shelter and care for medicinal needs for dogs Dogcents will review your blog and offer to post a permanent link to your site.

If you are as passionate about dogs as Lily Ruth is, then you'll definitely want to drop by Dogcents. It just makes Dog Gone Good Sense.

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Bryan@OneMansGoal.Com said...

Lily, to answer the question you left on my blog, I'm not sure how to change permalinks on a blogger account. I use wordpress. Sorry I can't help more.

Dig around in the admin panel. I'm sure you can find something.

Marzie said...

Such a beautiful review and no one is reading it, no one is listening to the pleas for help? Why? Why do you all not open your hearts and your ears and come to the aide of this worthy cause? You all must have some change laying around, give that it will not break you if anythng it will make your soul feel god. Do not wait till it is too late and more dogs starve to death or wander the streets because they can find no shelter. Answer this Post go to and give.