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July 26, 2007

Personal Note To All

This is a personal notice that Im posting to let all my friends know what is going on? If your interested? Im having problems at present with my computer and it is not working right so isf by chance I go off line or ou see that I have not been posting it is because my computer broke down then agan it is not a new model or laptop. I will try my best to keep it working for I do not want to get behind and I still have hopes of reaching my goal if alot of you do not know what that goal is just go to my CHIP IN BOX and read what its about and maybe you will open your hearts to my plight and help me out for time is short. People I have noticed ask for donaions for dogs aqnd I se people give (lots more then what I ask ) and yet I ask for your helping habd (and believe me I hated to put my pride and ask but I did because I have to. Here where I stay I have gone and asked for help with this but medicaid will not cover it and have no medicare and then I went to churches but they have limitrd funds and alot of people are alread on waiting list. So you see I had gone to alot of places before I finaly decided to come on the internet, and like I said mI did this because I saw people donating to dogs so I thought maybe therre were people outthere who would open their hearts out to me for am I less worthy then a dog ? I think not but seems Imay be wron? I did no want to ask and not be able to give something back in return so I created Dogcents in hopes I could give this in return but seems that idea is not working eitherand now on top of all my misfortune m computer is going on the fritza and in a shortwhile I may no longer be ablr to try try and see if can acomplish my goal. I may have to change the chip in widget from buying an electric wheelchair to buying a laptop or even a refurbish computer a used one (smile) I cannot be wirhout it I spend alot of my time on the net for I cant get out like I used to and this is my main contact to the outside world.Oh well let me see what tomorrow brings. I hope a brighter and happier day. So now that I have spoken what is on my mind I will, say see you when I can and I can keep this old computer running! I just may have to go and borrow one from the library or a girl I know who lives in these same apartments. I will keep adding to tecnorati favorites.and try to post and also try to reach my goal and if I don't reach it then so be it.I'll worry then..

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