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July 14, 2007

Old folks remedies

Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey every day, or with every meal if necessary. apple cider vinegar is the tonic of life, or so the old folks remedies say. WEST NILE VIRUS: If your worried about West Nile Virus, douse yourself in a product tht contains DEET rather then entrust yourself to used dryer sheets, vapor rub, vanilla,frogs,marigolds, or any other item touted by even your closest friends. DEET is a chemical compound that effectively repells mosquitoes. It does not kill the critters, it just makes them unable to locate those wreathed in its essence.(Most mosquitoes repellants, despite the nomenclature, don't technically "repell" mosquitoes, they block the receptors on mosquitoes antennae for the aspects of human beings moisture, body odor, exhalation of carbon dioxide,, which attracts mosquitoes DEET has been used by many millions of people, worldwide for decades, and is considered safe when used according to directions. Some concerns have been raised about how safe it might be to use on children, so follow directions carefully when applying DEET-laced products to tykes. Source: Chattanooga times.


Linky Love said...

I love home remedies :-)

Hi lilyruth, just to explain why your favicon will be on my matrix at the end of this week: my laptop is out of order and the new computer will be shipped at the end of this week. Meanwhile I update my site with my Blackberry, which is good for text only.

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Mikong said...

I know this information about Deet is good to know when buying insect repellant always look for the repellants that say they have Deet included this always keeps the insects from biting. Always be safe. Thanks for the information all this is very good to know especialy if their are some people who do not know about the insect repellants that contain Deet are the best ones..

construcible boy said...

Now I know that the insect repellants to buy are the ones that contain DEET thanks for this interesting story. I had heard about this virus but realy did not know to much about it until now.

madgoatlady said...

This article is most interesting and I learned a few things about the virus and how to protect mysself wwhen outdoors and I spend alot of my time outdoors so this sure helps to know from now on I will buy only insect repellants that contain Deet. Thank you.

Ross said...

Nice tips!