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July 22, 2007

Day of the Dead Doggie

Day of Dead Dogs at Doggie Pause ' Hispanics celebrate Day of the Dead,, a time set aside to honor departed loved ones. And at Doggie Pause, an Englewood dog day care center, they're celebrating Day of the Dead Dogs.'Patrons of the doggy day care business brought in pictures and collars of departed dogs they've loved. And the shrine includes traditional Day of the Dead elements: earth, wind, water and fire -- a dish of soft dirt: the better in which to dig; wind, represented by tissue-paper cutouts of dogs; a candle, representing fire; and a dog's filled water bowl... Deceased dogs honored at shrine in Englewood [Rocky Mountain News]


rogueprofessor said...

Hispanic people always love their dogs more then others, I think this day theyh have to honor their dogs is so nice. They should have more special days like this to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I had heard about this special day but I thought it was not for real.

NeoAuteur said...

Why don't they have a Dog Day instead of a Dead Dog Day? Anyway, nice post.

炒米粉Ken said...