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June 2, 2007

Take a Break-Play a Game of Pacman-NOW

If you haven't played this all time classic game it must be because you've been hiding out in a shack on top of a mountain in Montana for the last 20+ years. The object of the game is to move around the small yellow blob (Pacman) and chomp up the white dots. Oh, and watch out for Blinky, Pinky, Inkey, and Clyde (the spooky… (more) ghosts). Now Featuring High Scores! Special Instructions : Use mouse to click 'Start' , Use your arrow keys to move Up/Down Left an Right. Press "M" to Mute/Unmute sound, and "P" to Pause/Unpause the game. Visit


Pacman said...

This game is great I love it , I used to be addicted to tis game in when it first came out and everyone was in to it. I had been trying to find it but now that I bump into your blog Im glos I did cuz Im sure nuff gonna take a break and come and play Pacman through here and thanks. I also enjoy the time I spend here reading your articles and Ive already used one of those old folk remedies for my feet. More people should come and see what you have here it is real interesting. Again thanks for the Pacman game.

wendy said...

I really enjoy playing pacman, Im also addicted to it and altho I always get eaten I still have fun playing the game. Thxk for the game. I also enjoyed the jokes they are funny I hope you put some more.

webby said...

Hooray The Pacman is back! This game is my all time favorite and I do not get tired of playing it thos Im the one thats got to take a break AWAY from pacman,LOL.

Anonymous said...

Pacman is great eveyone should take a break to play it now and then, its lots of fun.