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June 5, 2007

Old folk remedies for Arthiritis

Here are old folk remedies to help people with arthritis. Some of "this and that," might just help you. ....... Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, but exercise moderation when eating highly acid fruits.
Avoid cocktails, coffee, and tea. Drink plenty of fresh water instead. Select wholesome foods, eat slowly and chew thoroughly.
Moderation in eating, avoiding overweight, and thorough elimination are excellent prevention practices.
Good living habits, an optimistic attitude, avoiding tension, strain, and stress are good preventative practices.
Mrs. P. finds relief by alternating hot and cold compresses on the painful area every 5 minutes.
A 72-old man said cooked apricots without sugar helped him a lot.
Eating too much meat, which contains uric acid, is very bad for joints.
Avoid fat foods, fried foods, pork, uric acid, starches, sugar, sweets, carbonated drinks, salt, pepper, spices, hot sausage, hot peppers, pickled meats, alcohol and strong acid drinks. Use acid fruits moderately.
Get plenty of rest, have the right kind of posture mattress, cover with warm comfortable blankets, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Take deep breathing exercises and walk often for exercise amd good health.
Mrs. P. says that fasting for two days a week relieved her pains.


bluelunareagle said...

Interesting! I find that avoiding the deadly nightshades like potatoes, red peppers and tomatoes helps a lot as well as cutting out wheat and limiting grain. Good luck with the site!

Anonymous said...

I have to give you a thumbs up on your site because its good to learn about thing that can help you that you have right in your kitchen. I like the fact that they have been proven. Thanks and keep the information coming.

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