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June 23, 2007

Devil's face in the Smoke

You may have heard of the pictures taken of the World Trade Center while it was burning, in which the smoke formed the face of Satan. Some of these photos can be seen on videos of the blast. I have included an animation from another website that shows the same demon face. Then the second set of photos are yellow and red and the shape indicates that it is from exploding/burning jet fuel. You can also see lots of debri falling from the result of the impact and explosions.
People may ask themselves, why would there be faces in the smoke, and also, why so many? .
Demons can feel and experience things like we can. Consider that picture of the demon below that has its head sticking up like it is on some kind of rollercoaster ride. An act of hatred and violence is a thrill ride for a demon, they not only participate, in so far as influencing someone to commit acts of violence, they have a thrill during the act. Demons knew what was going to happen and they gathered there to jump in at the point of the impact, like a human jumping onto a moving train to have a thrill.
Most acts of violence are not as huge as this one, or last as long, or kill this many people, so this was DisneyLand for demons. There was the planes impacting and exploding and people jumping, and then the buildings falling down and killing over 2,000 people in the process. This was a dream come true for demons.

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shawn 1 said...

these are awesome pictures, you can see the devil's face in the smoke. Wierd huh? I guess that day was a hot day for the devil and his demons. It had to be done by people taken over by the devil himself.

Mr.Pacman said...

great photos, really interesting stuff. I hope you continue to bring us the weird and the bizarre and the funny. I enjoy visiting this blog during my break. I enjoy playing the ole time favorite Pacman too.