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May 4, 2007

"To Pet Not A Pat"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I dedicate this poem especially to a unique individual whose nature is an extension of her love for pets. The title is "To Pet Not A Pat". Here goes...into her home she welcomes more than one pet; for without shelter in rain or snow they shiver wet; with all the love her heart never hopes to get; any reward praise flowers or any material set; but surely money she has to earn yet; for the basic needs of her special guests to be met; so now she builds a blog shrining on the internet; based on her sincere hope so there is no need to bet; at MyBlogLog she begins to let; information sharing with networks spread like a net; soon the number of friends add starts to rocket; truly total success awaiting her speedier than a jet; Especially dedicated to Lilyruth, by Zubli Zainordin.

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