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May 8, 2007

This I do

  • Here is what I do to get better results in my use of Truth. First, let me say that just like most mortals my life has been full of worry. There have been financial worries(who doesn't have them!).The people you love and care for, they account for many of my worries. But I have found time to think many, thoughts on what makes us all "tick". I have wondered about the why? the wherefore and whereto of life. I have tried to keep my mental and spiritual levels high, but I slip. Yes, in the rush of duties and distractions, I do slip from my lofty perch. In fact, I do still "slip". You have probably found as I have that just reading about truth does not do the trick, not completely. To think in the right way does pull the wondering mind back to the path; but it wont't work to the very best good until all of a sudden one day, you grown aware of what you are thinking. Yes, before your mind can do its best work, you have to get the feeling of knowing. Thats when your thinking starts to really work right for you, and it does not work right until then. Words can be very much alive or words an be dead. If the spirit the heart and mind of the person is not present in his writing, he turns out only a bunch of meaningles words. Words that are lifeless and cold. But when a person has put his heart into his writing, then his words are filled with awareness, with life. It is the same way with thinking, thoughts have to be lived, once we have become aware of our thoughts there is a great potency in them.You need to be very careful of the kind of thoughts that fill your mind then, because the power of those thoughts for both good and ill has been greatly increased and seldom does a day pass in the evening that I can bow my head and say a passage of some kind, and this I do! as a help along this way, in my short snatches of reading, I often come across passages I like or a poem I enjoyed reading that I underscore these with a pencil. When I get a chance I copy them on paper or I put them on the web and save.. Then at times I read one of these passages or poems that I like,, quickening thought, a bit of knowledge; and I turn it over in my mind that way it becomes a part of my subconscious mind. I become aware of the meaning of what I have been thinking. Sometimes it comes with a surge of delight. Often it is like an expanding of my brain. A feeling of pure satifaction comes over me even while having to fulfill all the duties of a crowded life.......................................................

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